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July 28, 2018

The Preciousness of Life

The Preciousness of Life I awakened this morning to a sunrise with rays that seemed to reach across the world. I guess they do in a way since we are each greeted with the same sun, day in and day out. How easy is it to let time slip by without appreciating what we have or what we experience. What can I cherish as I make my way from morning to night? This is the…
July 24, 2018

Winter, Spring, or Summer?

It's early February, but feels like late spring or early summer. The weather has it's own path, just as we have our own as well. Now is the perfect time to prepare and ready yourself for all the adventures this year will bring. If you haven't done so yet, why not write down the things you want to accomplish in 2018. Your dreams, desires, and daring adventures you may want to pursue. Even simple things…
January 6, 2015

Family History

Today I've been helping my daughter compile our family history for a school project. Finding a great, great, great, great... grandmother with my same birthday except for the year 1707, it really made me ponder what her life was like. I asked myself the question: what traits were passed down from her that have been carried on? I began to wonder about the lives of my ancestors I was seeing on paper and their images peering…