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Live the life you imagine

The Hidden Secret Rites & Build Your Life from Your Strengths

The Hidden Secret Rites: Tools for Life is a workshop series that helps youth to discover their role in the world, provides tools to help manage life’s challenges, and to live the life they imagine. The series is focused on very specific life-skills which can be used throughout their lifetime. The pressures youth are facing can be overwhelming and often push aside the core of who they are. The series helps youth discover what it means to stay true to themselves while planning for their future.

Build Your Life from Your Strengths: This is a follow-up series to The Hidden Secret Rites. It is designed for young people to identify, anchor, and use their strengths to move their life forward. The tools can be used to help navigate challenges, formulate goals, and identify ways to take action towards reaching goals identified.

The bridges

Understand yourself, clear the path for your future, discover and expand your potential.

Life is full of adventures, challenges, and obstacles. How can we build bridges for youth that can last a lifetime? The Hidden Secret Rites is designed to provide inspiring avenues of self-discovery building bridges of support through the challenges they may encounter while uncovering excitement for future possibilities. The workshop series helps youth understand themselves at a deeper level, clarifies their vision for the future, and expands their understanding of their full potential.

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The Hidden Secret Rites

Workshops offered in small group settings.
Part 1: Once a week (1.5 hour sessions) for five weeks. Cost $150
Part 2: Once a week (1.5 hour sessions) for five weeks. Cost $150
Part 3: Once a week (1.5 hour sessions) for five weeks. Cost $150