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Inner Solutions

Imagine living the life you always dreamed of living. When you ask people what they are seeking in life you often get answers like: happiness, peace, freedom, health, joyful relationships, wealth, healthy family, and a fun, fulfilling life. Inspire offers workshops and private consults  addressing what people most seek in life.  Whether you are looking for renewed motivation or struggling with a specific challenge, there is something Inspire can offer. Inspire built its foundation on the understanding that we all have the right to live a peaceful, joyful, and fulfilling life. Simple tools can help us find inner solutions to live a more abundant life.  Workshops are throughout the year and upon special request.  Women specific workshops are also available.

Peace in The World Today

I see peace as an OASIS within us. Our creation of this oasis has to become so clear, solid that we can always return to the silence and peace within ourselves, regardless of the circumstances around us. Does this mean that every single moment we are in peace? Not necessarily, but the recognition and daily application of specific tools can help us be more often in a state of peace than in chaos. We simply need to slow down, bring ourselves back to ourselves, and start to understand ourselves completely. Peace in the World Today is a workshop specific to maintaining our own sense of peace in the world today. We examine our interactions with others, how we can maintain inner peace when chaos seems to be the norm, and stay focused to our own purpose for being here.

Feng Shui Gong

Imagine coming home to a place that you immediately feel safe, a sense of rest, peace, and where you feel your energy being restored. This encompasses the idea of Feng Shui Gong. You don’t need a major renovation,  just simple, easy to implement actions to restore balance in your life.  Feng Shui Gong is based on the ancient understanding of chi. Chi is the energy around us and within us.  The practice of Feng Shui Gong is to balance the flow of chi in and around the home or business which can directly influence your sense of well-being, freedom, peace, and abundance. Private in-home consults usually take approximately two to three hours with a follow-up session to check progress. Workshops and on-line consults are also available.

Health & Healing

Health is the foundation to life. It encompasses our entire being.  Improving our emotional health can have direct impacts on our physical well-being. Similarly, improving relationships can create a more fulfilling life. Inspire offers private consults focused on these synergistic interactions and how our mental, emotional, spiritual, social, and environmental factors influence our health, joy for life, and sense of purpose.  Over time I’ve also found specific health products that have helped me have more abundant health. ASEA supports the basic foundation to health. It helps return abundance to our cells.
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