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The Preciousness of Life

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The Preciousness of Life I awakened this morning to a sunrise with rays that seemed to reach across the world. I guess they do in a way since we are each greeted with the same sun, day in and day out. How easy is it to let time slip by without appreciating what we have or what we experience. What can I cherish as I make my way from morning to night? This is the focus of my day. The sunrise this morning was one that was easy for me to bask in wonder. The rays seemed to be divinity itself. Moments like these help me feel the preciousness of life. I often ask myself, “what is it right now, in this very moment, that I can be grateful for?” Maybe it’s the sunrise, images of the blood moon, a smile from a stranger, a tweet from a person I don’t know that brings needed laughter, or feeling the joy of life itself. Whatever it is, even if it is one simple thing, it can expand our day and often touch those around us.  Rarely do we know the impact we have on others. What I do know though is how...

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